All competitive Gymnastics classes are by SELECTION ONLY, and are for highly committed gymnasts.

Junior Development Boys and Girls

This program is for boys and girls selected out of other SCGA programs to start training for the competitive stream of gymnastics. It is the first stage to starting a competitive squads which is similar to representative sport. We have three competitive disciplines here at SCGA which consist of the WG program (women’s gymnastics), MG program (men’s gymnastics) and Acro.

Boys and Girls Squads

The aim of the competitive programs at SCGA is to provide quality training, which will not only prepare the children physically and mentally for gymnastics competitions, but also equip them with a broad range of valuable life skills such as determination, self discipline, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.

Competitive Acrobatics

This is a new gymnastics class for children with previous experience in Dancing, Martial arts or Gymnastics who wish to develop and perfect acrobatic skills whilst developing routines on various apparatus to compete at competitions.