This program is for boys and girls selected out of the Star Performance Squads program to start training for the Australian Levels Program in levels 3 or higher. We have two competitive disciplines at SCGA which consist of the WAG program (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics) and MAG program (Men’s Artistic Gymnastics).

The aim of gymnastics is to make sequences of jumps, turns, leaps and tumbles look as fluent and effortless as possible. It is a combination of grace, strength, power and flexibility which can only occur if each skill is performed with its correct technique – starting from a basic straight jump or handstand. It is important to learn the basics correctly so that subsequent skill acquisition will be fast, efficient, and less risk of injury . The aim of the competitive programs at SCGA is to provide quality training, which will not only prepare the children physically and mentally for gymnastics competitions, but also equip them with a broad range of valuable life skills such as determination, self discipline, time management, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.

Gymnasts within this program are required to go to competitions and events to represent our club and also are required to purchase additional SCGA uniforms.


Please note, this class is for selection only, if you wish for your child to attend this class they will need to be booked into an assessment first. Bookings are essential for all programs, please contact the front desk on 42275722 to confirm your booking or for further information regarding our Competitive programs.

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